About DIMIONE Systems

Founded in 2014, DIMIONE Systems is a high-tech solutions and services provider specializing in physical instrumentation and photonics. With its multiple international partners, DIMIONE Systems offers solutions integrating fiber optic-based sensors (Rayleigh, Raman, Brillouin, DAS and FBG interrogators) ideal for real time monitoring, capable of measuring various quantities: temperature, deformation, pressure, displacement or even vibration with precision over long distances.

DIMIONE Systems is also an expert in photonics, offering a wide range of optoelectronic products based on research and development in the field of fiber optics, such as splicng machines for standard (SMF/PM) and exotic (multi-core/PCF) fibers, and OFDR (Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry) instruments for analyzing the properties of a fiber component or the state of a fiber optic network.


Our products can be found in various research and engineering fields :

- Civil and Transport :
Buildings, bridges, tunnels, railroads, dams, roads, trains, aircraft, automobiles and ships.
- Telecommunications : 
Electrical batteries, robotics, data center, optical fiber splice, light polarization, PCB, microchip / silicon photonics.
- Energy :
Energy production, storage and transport infrastructures, nuclear, thermal, hydraulic, wind, oil and gas.
- Research and Development :
Lightwave propagation analysis, laser production, optical fiber properties scan, composite materials, fluid mechanics.
- Aerospace and Defense :
Sensitive facility monitoring, detonics and non-disruptive structure analysis


“Our Rayleigh, Brillouin, Raman, FBG or DAS (frequency and time domain) interrogators facilitate distributed strain and temperature measurements via a single optical fiber. The fibers can be bonded to the structure or even embedded in composites or concrete, for example, with thousands of measurement points at millimeter spatial resolution over very long distances.
The photonics range includes a multitude of active components for polarization analysis and control, low noise (RIN/phase) laser sources, tunable spectral filters in integrated solution or OEM form. It also offers more sophisticated analysis instruments such as the OFDR interrogator, which maps the losses of a fiber optic network, and the Optical Vector Analyzer (OVA) that is able of measuring fully optical component characteristics as chromatic dispersion and polarization modal dispersion (and even more).
DIMIONE Systems also offers all the equipment needed for fiber optics splicing, from day-to-day supplies (cleaner, inspection microscopes, splice protectors, patch cords) to cleavers and splicers. We distribute several technologies adapted to both standard/PM fiber optic splicing and fibers with more complex structures splicing (multicore fibers / PCF). ” 


DIMIONE Systems offers technical expertise and value-added measures to guarantee the integrity and lifespan of aging infrastructures, secure operations and optimize maintenance costs.

We are able to offer our services in the laboratory to set up an experience or interpret measurement data, but also in the field, on a bridge for example, where we can use our skills to install and/or measure structural deformations.





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