Miniature FBGT

FBG-Transcvriver systems, based on its patented hybrid planar lightwave circuit technology, represents a completly new, highly robust and reliable technology to accurately monitor in real time the passive or dynamic status of single or multiple distributed fiber optic Bragg grating strain or temperature sensors intalled in critical infrastructures.
Its miniaturized packing low power operation, state-of-the-art data communication architecture and affordable price make it a very attractive solution for a large number of SHM/NDI application in energy, aerospace, naval and maritime industries, civil structure such as bridges, buildings and dams, the oil and chemical industry, defense and for homeland security.

Structural health monitoring
Nondestructive evaluation
Smart structure
Passive and dynamique sensing

Key Features
• No moving parts
• Monolithic integration
• Miniature package
• Autonomous operation

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