Optical Backscatter Reflectometer

The Luna OBR 4600 is part of Luna’s award winning Optical Backscatter ReflectometerTM product line. For strain and temperature sensing applications the OBR 4600 offers the user the highest degree of flexibility in customizing measurements to the application as well as the longest available sensing range. The distributed sensing option can provide sub cm spatial resolution with sensors up to 2 kilometers. 

Key Features
 • In extended range mode the maximum sensing range is 2 kilometers
• The OBR 4600 for sensing has a dual display with an intuitive user interface that allows the user to simultaneously view a plot of temperature and strain in the upper graph and a magnification of sections of that plot in the lower graph
• The user interface can store and display up to five traces (two traces in desk top analysis mode)
• The scanning wavelength range, sensing range, gage length and sensor spacing are all user adjustable and offer the user maximum flexibility to tailor OBR 4600 measurements to the application requirements
• The spot scan option is available with the sensing option, offering higher spatial resolution over a user selectable 80 meter section of the total sensing range

OBR 4600
OBR 4610

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