Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator

The ODiSi 6000 is a novel measurement system specifically designed to address the test challenges of 21st century advanced materials and systems. Sensors are flexible, low-profile, require no electrical source, and can be bonded to sharply curved surfaces, embedded withing structures, or mounted directly to electrical surfaces.

• Characterize strain on/in new materials and complex structures
• Profile temperature in-situ to maximize the efficiency of critical processes
• Measure two- and three-dimensional strain fields to validate FE models
• Evaluate multi-material joining
• Embed sensors within materials to create “smart parts”

ODiSi 6000

Key Features
• Multi-channel (or single-channel) measurements of strain-multiplex: over 150,000 measurement locations
• Flexible, lightweight and easy to install sensors reduce time to first measurement
• Passive, corrosion resistant, dielectric, flexible sensors go where other sensors can’t – in bends, around corners, embedded inside materials
• Long sensor life – no drift or recalibration required, cycle counts >107
• Large strain range and high resolution allow for mapping of complex strain fields and large strain gradients

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