DIMIONE Systems introduces the PentaPod Fusion Splicer (PFS)

The rapid developments in fiber laser technologies and the increased demand of high-power fiber laser component fabrication have created the need for a dedicated and cost-effective high performance fusion splicer. It must be capable of processes outside of those available with standard production fusion splicers and glass processing equipment.

3SAE Technologies PentaPod® Fusion Splicer (PFS) is the world’s first table-top fusion splicer that provides capabilities that overcome the limitations of current angle critical fusion splicing processes to meet the most demanding requirements for the high-power fiber laser component fabrication. 

Key Features:
-  Specifically designed to accurately splice end-caps to fibers for R&D and production environments.

-  The PFS can also be used to perform bundle-to-fiber splices of various diameters, and dissimilar fiber sizes. 
-  The unique, patented PentaPod® alignment stages are compact, rigid, and stable.

-  6-axes of motion control (X, Y, Z, Xϴ, Yϴ, Zϴ) per side.

-  ±6mm of relative linear alignment (X, Y, Z axes) with positional accuracy <0.1μm

-  ±6° of angular alignment (Xϴ, Yϴ, Zϴ axes) with positional accuracy <0.01°

-  A new implementation of the 3SAE Ring of Fire® (ROF) technology provides superior thermal stability for applications from 125μm to 2.5mm fiber diameter.

-  Sophisticated machine vision provides the highest alignment quality and facilitates detailed process evaluation. Two Orthogonal (X & Y) live views of the splice during the splicing process

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