Portable High-Resolution Reflectometer 6225

The Luna OBR 6225 is a portable and rugged ultra-high resolution
reflectometer with backscatter-level sensitivity for testing short
networks deployed in aerospace, naval, data center and industrial
The OBR 6225 utilizes optical frequency domain reflectometry
(OFDR) technology to measure distributed return loss (RL) and
insertion loss (IL) with high precision and dynamic range. The
OBR 6225 easily locates optical loss events with sub-millimeter
resolution. The OBR 6225 is a rugged battery powered integrated
system with an intuitive touchscreen user interface, making it ideal
for field maintenance applications. The user interface includes
screen modes for interactive RL and IL measurement as well as
automatic event detection

Troubleshoot fiber assemblies in the field
• Locate IL sites, high RL connections, fiber breaks, etc.
• Maintain avionics, aerospace, naval and industrial networks
• Verify fiber lengths of data center interconnects
• Troubleshoot fiber optic sensing systems

Key Features
• Fully portable and rugged dualchannel OBR
• Return loss (RL) and insertion loss
(IL) analysis
• Trace distributed RL versus length
of an optical path
• Spatial sampling resolution - 80 μm
• Detect and precisely locate
reflective events
• Measure optical path length with
high precision
• Waterproof and dustproof; IP65

OBR 6225

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