Tunable laser & sources

Luna’s PHOENIXTM 1200Tunable Laser Module incorporates Luna’s PHOENIXTM tunable laser and driver in a compact package. The laser is a miniaturized, tunable external cavity laser driven by a circuit designed for low noise and highly linear swept performance appropriate for a variety of fiber optic test, measurement and sensing applications.
Application software gives the user simple but effective control of the laser. It also provides for monitoring of wavelength, power and two user
accessible optical receivers

• DWDM component spectrum analysis
• Ideal source for OFDR systems
• Heterodyne measurements
• Bragg grating distributed sensing
• Near IR Spectroscopy


Key Features
Full C-band tunability
• Integrated wavemeter with sub-picometer accuracy
• Smooth, linear scans
• Narrow linewidth, low noise
• External triggering
• 2 optical detectors and data acquisition channels
• Industry leading wavelength accuracy and resolution
• USB interface and full complement of software drivers

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