Superluminescent Diode Light Source

The SLD-101S is a highly stable superluminescent light source designed for OCT, sensor and test applications. During operation, both the current and temperature are controlled for power and spectral stabilities. The output power and diode temperature are stabilized to 0.02 dB and 0.05°C, respectively.
The light source has three available operation modes: constant current, constant power (optional), and modulated power. The modulation can be either external or internal, with different waveforms (sine or square) and different speeds (up to 100 kHz). Customers can select either low or high degree of polarization (DOP) options for specific applications. Other user-selectable options include output fiber type (SM or PM), center wavelength, spectral width, and output power. The SLD-101S comes with USB, RS-232, Ethernet, and GPIB communication ports for integration into test systems.
It is an ideal source for OCT, fiber sensors, fiber gyros, PM patch cord extinction ratio (ER) measurement, and general-purpose test and measurement.

Key Features
• 02 dB power stability (1 hr.)
• 05 degree temperature stability
• Flexible modulation
• Low and high DOP option                                                                Applications
Optical coherence tomograhy (OCT)
Fiber sensor and gyro
Component testing

SLD 101

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