Optical Vector Analyzer 

The Luna OVA 5100 is the fastest, most accurate and economical tool for loss, dispersion and polarization measurements of modern optical networking equipment. It is the ideal device for single-connection, all-parameter characterization of fiber components from couplers to specialty fiber and everything in between (Fiber Bragg Gratings, arrayed waveguide gratings, free-space filters, tunable devices, amplifiers, etc.), all with a single sweep of a tunable laser.

Luna’s patented characterization technique allows direct measurement of a passive device’s linear transfer function allowing the OVA instant access to:
- Insertion Loss (IL)
- Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL)
- Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) and SecondOrder PMD
- Chromatic Dispersion (CD)
- Group Delay (GD)
- Optical Time Domain Response
- Jones Matrix Elements
- Optical Phase Response

Key Features and Products Highlights
• Single measurement, all-parameter analysis of devices upto 150 m in length
• Full C and L band characterization in under 3 seconds
• High resolution C and L band or O band capability
• Complete polarization response
• Real-time measurements
• User-friendly interface

OVA 5100

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