PDL/IL Multimeter

The PDL-201 uses a patented maximum and minimum search method compliant with TIA/EIA-455-198 to simultaneously measure the Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL), Insertion Loss (IL), and optical power of devices in just 30 ms. Unlike PDL meters that use the polarization scrambling method, the PDL-201's max-min technique is useful for both low and high values of PDL. And unlike instruments that use a Mueller Matrix technique, the PDL-201 has a wide wavelength range without calibration.
The measurement speed of the instrument combined with the remote control interfaces allow it to work in conjunction with tunable lasers in automatic or semi-automatic test stations. (Software to facilitate the integration is available from General Photonics Tech Support.)
PDL vs Wavelength Measurements
Characterization of DWDM Devices
Characterization of Sensor Components

Key Features
• 30 ms Measurement Speed
• Wide Wavelength Range
• High PDL Accuracy
• OLED Display and Analog Output

PDL 201

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