Multifunction Polarization Controller

The MPC-201 is an all fiber polarization controller packaged in a full featured instrument with multiple modes of local or remote operation.
Variable Rate Scrambling Mode
Tornado Pattern: uniform SOP variation for system stress testing
Rayleigh distribution of SOP for fiber link simulation
Triangle scrambling for PDL measurement
Discrete random scrambling for coverage of Poincare sphere
SOP Modulation Mode
Each polarization control axis is controlled with a sine, square, or triangle wave of defined frequency and amplitude.
Manual Polarization Mode
Each polarization control axis is controlled by setting the input voltage from the front panel controls or through a remote control interface.
Triggered Scrambling Mode
Discrete, random SOPs are generated in response to a trigger input.
11896A Emulation Mode
Control compatibility with the discontinued Agilent

Recirculating loop studies
Automated testing
Real fiber emulation 11896A.

Key Features
• Multiple polarization control modes
Low IL, PDL, PMD, and AL
Bright OLED display

MPC 201

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